The Song "Higherlove"

Children sing for Children- Jocelyn B. Smith supports the ban of cluster munitions worldwide with her new song “Higherlove”.

Der Weg nach Oslo

A song supporting child victims of the war and the campaign against cluster munitions.
Idea: Jocelyn B. Smith
For: Aktionsbündnis Landmine.de / Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) Landmine.de / Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC)
What We Do

With the song “Higherlove” – Children sing for Children, from Jocelyn B. Smith, the soul-and Jazz singer from Berlin is going to support the international campaign from Aktionsbündnis landmine.de to ban cluster munitions. The music project was launched at the Dublin Conference to ban cluster munitions (17.05 – 30.05) and should culminate in a presentation at the signing of the treaty to ban cluster munitions in Oslo, Norway in December 2008. The action aims not only to ease the suffering of children, but also to encourage other states to subscribe to the ban treaty. Jocelyn B. Smith offers this song to be downloaded for a donation which will fund local aid organizations such as rehabilitation centres and provide child education. Furthermore she will travel if possible to some of the concerned crisis areas to visit the children and to sing with them. Planned visits include Vietnam, Lebanon and in some African countries there will be concerts held benefiting aid organizations and thus benefiting child victims. Where feasible, such events should take place every year in order to obtain an effective lasting result. The non-profit organization Yes we can (Registered organization), from Jocelyn B. Smith stands up for the humanitarian commitment and the desired lastingness to protect and help the innocent child victims of war.

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